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AbacustTrainer portal gives a platform for abacus trainers to build their teaching career and establish Vedic math and Abacus Online Classes for Kids. As you log in you get access to:

  • Schedule classes convenient to you and your student.
  • Create and Upload test paper.
  • Conduct mock tests.
  • Upload your own material.
  • Get access to the teacher dashboard, where you get access to pre-uploaded tests, material and mock papers.
  • Earn commission by conducting Abacus Online Classes for Kids.
  • Abacus training and learning course.
Abacus Teacher Training


AbacusTrainer gives a platform for Maths trainers to conduct Vedic math classes age group from 4-14. Option to learn Vedic math, One who gets access to the following services as you log in.

  • Schedule classes convenient to you and your student.
  • Create and Upload test paper.
  • Conduct mock tests.
  • Upload your material.
  • Get access to the teacher dashboard, where you get access to pre-uploaded content.
  • Earn commission by conducting Vedic math classes.
  • Expert faculty guidance.
  • Learn Vedic math.
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What makes growing years much more fascinating than a perfect learning tool. Apart from being ancient. Abacus is a great learning tool and must be incorporated into your child's growing years.

At AbacusTrainer, we have designed a comprehensive curriculum for children ages 4 to 14, with 10 levels for 3 months each. We revamp our curriculum and training techniques from now and again to abreast today’s teaching virtue.

After joining Abacus Online Classes for Kids, you get access to:

  • Flexible learning hours.
  • One-on-one live interactive classes.
  • Recorded video lectures to refer back.
  • Faculty with 20+ years of teaching experience.
  • Virtual abacus.
  • Digestible content, practice sessions, guides and mock tests.
  • Structured program fragmented into 10 levels for 3 months each.

What you gain after joining

A strong Arithmetic foundation, We make sure that your toddler does not just acquire a basic understanding of calculating addition, division, subtraction and multiplication but gain confidence to apply his knowledge in doing advanced math like decimals, beginners algebra. By the end of the course your kid can.

  • Swift mental Arithmetic calculations with accuracy.
  • Snap out an unnecessary calculation.
  • Improve Logical and reasoning skills.
  • Improved cognitive functions.
  • Enhanced mentor skills.
  • Your child will enjoy doing math.


How quick can you multiply this 3 digit number 821*634? Well, take your time. But what we say, We got much better calculation techniques, Where you can calculate just in 40 sec.

At AbacusTeachers, We design a curriculum to train your child so that they acquire Vedic math calculation tips and tricks. Improve speed math performance and simplify calculating complex arithmetic numbers.

At Vedic math classes, you get access to:

  • You can schedule your own studying time.
  • One-on-one live interactive class.
  • Recorded video lectures to refer back.
  • Faculty with 20+ years of teaching experience.
  • Digestible content, practice sessions, practise sheets, guides and mock tests.

What you will gain at the end of the course

  • You will be better at 16 sutras of Vedic math.
  • Accurate speed math calculations.
  • A foundation that can help you advance into higher math algebra, geometry and modern math.
  • Learn easy tricks and shortcuts.
  • Save time while dealing with higher quantitative aptitude math.
  • Boost self-confidence at solving problems.
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Online Abacus & Vedic Math Classes, Designed for You

Our Abacus Institution assures:

Abacustrainer brings bespoke Offline Abacus Classes and Online Abacus Classes just for you. Curriculum Empirically modified with easy access to the dashboard, Ebooks and Online Abacus & Vedic Math Classes. Comprehensive access to services offlines to.

Our courses are parallelly blueprinted, for students and Teachers. Besides, our Abacus Teacher Training Program is designed keeping the needs of delivering a better teaching experience.

  • Making easy access to Abacus Training and learning.
  • Enhanced Knowledge and skill.
  • Fathom designed study materials and other Online resources.
  • Easy to access the dashboard.
  • Flexible learning schedule so that you can learn at your own pace.
  • 24/7 hour customer-centric experience.
  • Handled by experts to make you an expert.
  • Comprehensive monitoring and detailed progress report.

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Our Platform

AbacusTrainer firmly believes in fostering skills. Our platform creates a perfect ecosystem for you to hone your skills and build yourself as an Abacus and Vedic maths teacher. Our bespoke Online Abacus Classes gives you the flexibility to learn from anywhere. You also get unlimited exposure to a broad range of content. That will compile the best in you.

A Comprehensively designed Online Abacus Classes for Teachers, this program is developed to empower all the aspirant teachers. They can enhance skills, add innovation to teaching methods and be more productive.

AbacusTrainer is a platform that can let teachers exponentially save time from day-to-day tasks. They can pre Schedule every class, upload material, access all the Vedic maths and abacus learning resources in the teachers' dashboard and be more productive.

Teachers and be part of our platform. by being our partner. They can earn through this platform by paying a minimum commission. Besides, AbacusTrainer is your perfect franchise partner.


Professional certificate: AbacusTrainer provides courses ranging from 1-10 levels for 3 months duration. You can complete your course at your own pace. Once a live class is conducted your dashboard gets uploaded with respective content within 12 hours. You can access recorded video lectures at any of your convenient times. But, you have to make sure that you complete your lectures within 3 months.

Learn from the Best: Our head faculty has about 35+ years of experience. You can soak all the years of knowledge. You can learn from him about different teaching methodologies, tricks and concepts.

ONE-ON-ONE classes: You can experience the luxury of offline classes online. One-on-one classes can let you interact with the instructor.

Start earning: Once you complete the course, you can partner with us and start teaching on our platform.

Economical: Our course price is economical, once you complete the abacus and Vedic maths course you can easily earn the amount you have invested.

Unlimited: When you are part of our community. You will get access to unlimited Abacus and Vedic maths learning, practising resources like

Flexible learning: AbacusTrainer, provides intensive comprehensive Online Abacus Classes and Vedic maths online classes for teachers. All the classes are taken online and you can learn at your own pace. Our course covers the syllabus within one month. It gives you the flexibility to learn from anywhere. The Recorded lectures can help you revise better.


Graduate Students: Graduate students who are looking to build their career as an abacus and Vedic maths trainer. Or want to stretch their knowledge about maths.

Math Teacher: Maths teachers who are already part of the teachers' community can leverage their careers with an extra certificate. It is the easiest way to boost your revenue.

Parents: If you want to teach your kid maths, Then you can save a few hours every day to learn Vedic maths and abacus classes. As these classes are online you can learn from anywhere.

Curious individuals: Someone who just wants to fill their quest. Learning Vedic maths and abacus can help you for a lifetime.


How can students access abacus and Vedic Math Offline & Online classes Demo?

Once get registered as a student on Abacus Trainer. We will schedule a Demo session at your convenience.

Who can join Abacus classes?

Anyone who has an interest in learning about Abacus can join abacus classes. Our course is built for kids and adults. Abacus is a brain booster program for kids 4+ above and Abacus Teacher training program for adults.

What kind of services do you provide to Teachers?

Abacus Trainer platform helps teachers work up to their full potential helping them save time and be more organized. Our Dashboard has amazing features_ It will help teachers schedule daily and monthly topic assignments. Teachers can get access to 60000+ Abacus learning resources. They can organize their batch and customize their batch size. Easy access to students' detailed tests analysis.

Do you have any courses for teachers?

Yes, Abacus Trainer provides courses for teachers to level up their skills. Helping them achieve maximum career growth. We provide an Abacus Teacher training program and Vedic Math teacher training program.


What they say


Finding the right Abacus franchise is like finding a lifetime partner. AbacusTrainer has been my perfect partner. The company is constantly supporting me with the right guidance and support_ to establish the Vedic maths and abacus franchise.


I am so much poor at maths. If you ask me how bad? Then I would say I use fingers while counting. But, I realised to crack my dream IIT college. I need to make sure that I am swift with basic math calculations. I am happy I have joined the AbacusTrainer Vedic maths classes. Here I got so much stunning faculty, whom I never shy away from asking silliest doubts.


I like to attend all the Vedic maths classes. I enjoy my classes it is never uninteresting. It's really cool!!.


My son's thakshil takes time in learning new things. Especially maths, It is his weakest subject. But I am glad that I choose the abacustrainer platform for Vedic maths and Abacus Classes. It is the perfect platform to learn abacus for kids. He enjoys the luxury of_ One-on-one classes, flexible scheduling hrs. Which helps us infuse his school hours with online abacus classes. And online content is for referring back for revisions, mock. This platform helps me as a mother when I sit with him and help him study.


My daughter is on 2 levels, And I am so glad that one-on-one classes are so interactive as the level is getting more challenging. So, do my daughter's doubts and curiosity. I am happy that the Abacus Trainer teaching faculty is more involved in solving doubts and making extra efforts. They make sure that my girl learns better.


I am happy to see my daughter after taking the Abacus Course. She is much swift, trying to do more mental calculations. Initially, she just involved her fingers while calculating AbacusTrainer provides the best classes on Vedic maths and abacus for kids.


I am so stunned to see Aditya progressing. Abacustrainers online abacus classes Programs are so well structured and so much too fun to attend. My son Aditya asks me_Mumma when I will learn using the laptop


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