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Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths Online Classes

Welcome to Abacus Trainer, where we offer Vedic Maths classes designed specifically for kids. Our Vedic Maths classes are tailored to make learning maths easier and more enjoyable for children. With our engaging and interactive approach, kids will discover the magic of Vedic Maths, unlocking their potential to excel in mathematics.

In our Vedic Maths classes, kids will learn ancient techniques that simplify complex mathematical problems. These techniques help kids solve calculations quickly and with ease, building their confidence and mathematical skills. Through fun and stimulating activities, kids will develop a deeper understanding of maths concepts and improve their problem-solving abilities.


Join us at Abacus Trainer and give your child the opportunity to explore the world of Vedic Maths. With our engaging classes and expert guidance, your child will develop a love for maths and build a strong foundation for academic success. Let's embark on this exciting maths journey together!

  • Can you do these calculations in less than 60 seconds?
  • Can you multiply 345*221?
  • Can you multiply 938556 x 999999?
  • Can you find the square of 2471?
  • How quick can you calculate how much discount you got?
  • How quick can you add 9 digit numbers?
  • Can you find the digit value of 219?
  • What about subtracting 178945 from 1899992?

Maybe or May not. With us, you can gain the confidence to do these calculations in less than 60 seconds or Maybe much faster than you usually do.

Buy the Vedic Maths Online Classes course to get access to all these Benefits

  • One-on-one interactive live classes.
  • Get access to the Student Dashboard.
  • Learn at your phase with top-class Vedic math tutors.
  • Get access to more UNLIMITED Vedic Maths learning resources.
  • Instant doubt solving.
  • Covers detailed concepts, techniques.
  • 2 hours of classes, study at your phase.
  • 100% customer service assistance.
  • You will learn to apply the techniques.
  • Practice sessions.
  • Limited Batch size.

Our courses are set up to help both children and teachers.

Gain confidence to do intense maths calculations. Improve mental maths, gain speed, accuracy by learning Vedic maths. Vedic maths is one of the finest ways to approach learning maths basics.

Vedic maths is a set of 16 formulas and 13 sub formulas. These formulas make calculations easy, Especifically intense calculations like multiplying 3 digit numbers. Find cubes and squares, which takes a lot of written work. However, When you learn to use Vedic maths techniques, then you can hassle-free minimise time and paperwork.

Vedic Maths will help you enhance your traditional calculating techniques.

We firmly believe that Vedic maths isn't just for students. It must be learned by anyone_ who is preparing for job interviews, entrance exams and teachers. Once you learn Vedic Maths Online Classes, you definitely gain:

  • Perform accurate, swift calculations.
  • Gain confidence to learn advanced maths topics.
  • Calculate without Paper and pen.
  • Get a better score in school.
  • The easiest way to save time while doing maths is_ by avoiding intense calculations.

How to become a Vedic maths Teacher

To become a Vedic Maths Online Classes teacher, you need to develop_ soft skills and technical skills.

AbacusTrainer facilitates top-notch, bespoke, comprehensive Vedic maths teacher training courses. A perfect curriculum that helps you become a Vedic maths teacher within 4 months.

We equip every teacher to meet today's high-quality education demand. Teaching and training them to gain soft and technical skills.

Check out if you qualify to join this course!

People who like maths

If you like maths and want to gain additional knowledge. Then you should definitely learn Vedic maths.

Wants to start a business

Maybe you want to start your own business or join a franchise. Then additional skills will help you gain a competitive advantage that will help your business outperform your competitor.

To get an Extra Edge in your Career

Taking an extra course can be best for your career growth. Especially if you already hold a degree in BSc. Mathematics and want to start conducting Vedic Maths Online Classes. You do need not limit yourself to online classes. Along with that, you can work in Institutions and schools. Therefore, You can also create a source for additional revenue.

Become Vedic Maths Franchise Owner

Low Royalty charges

We promise you can run your business hassle-free with the right assistance for logistics, materials, and professional guidance. You just have to pay a few royalty charges. Nothing extra.

Transparent cost

AbacusTrainer provides a transparent cost module. You can be part of our community without any hidden cost. You can earn extra by cutting down the cost of rent, material etc.

Be part of the Community

Join AbacusTrainer and be part of the E-learning community. Create an impact.

Start your business, Gain Profit

When you partner with us, you are already on the path to success. Our tried, tested business strategies help you and your business grow.

Quality Training

You will be embellished with the right marketing and sales strategy. So can you can start your dream career to achieve the right business objectives.

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