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ABACUS Teacher Training

Abacus Teacher Training Online Course Overview

  • AbacusTrainer, Abacus course covers the basic to advance abacus course.
  • 1 to 10 level. That covers Topics Basic of the Abacus, calculating techniques to improve your Arthimatic calculations.
  • Interactive live one: one class, Flexibility to learn in your free hours.
  • Learn from any country, or state.
  • 60000 practise material and mock tests.

Abacus Trainer is one of the pioneers and emerging as a leading leader in the Abacus teaching industry. .

AbacusTrainer is a platform that provides a sustainable ecosystem for Abacus teachers to Learn and Earn. Uptick demand for online abacus classes has led us to create an ecosystem for both teachers and students.

Learning Abacus can open the door to different income streams. Online abacus classes are easy to attend. Whoever has an interest in learning and growing their career as an abacus trainer can learn abacus.

AbacusTrainer provides bespoke Abacus teacher training courses online for teachers. Our course is well organised, well structured and created by experts. The course is flexible, making it adjustable according to individual daily schedules and priorities.

Abacus teacher training course online fee 1500/- per level
Course duration Learn at your pace
Total Number of levels 10
Lecture hours 6 hours
Teaching method Online Classes
Practise Material 60000+
AbacusTrainer 24hr Team support Mobile Numbers : +91 7842 885 885, +91 9985 777 494
Email Id :
Certification Once after you complete the course
Analysis Every test Performance analysis
Exam Online mode

Additional services

  • Student Leads
  • Student Monitoring option
  • Conducting Mock tests option
  • 60000+ Online material
  • Promote yourself
  • Student management option in dashboard

Educational Institutions

Any educational institution that wants to advance its teaching methods can take this course to enhance learning and advance teaching methods.


Any Teacher who wants to earn additional income can take this course. And start earning extra income.


Parents who have spare time and want to help learn better. As this course doesn't consume a lot of your time. You can easily learn this course

Any college graduate

Any college going student, Who wants to earn a side income. Or passionate about teaching abacus.

Check if are you eligible?

AbacusTrainer does not have very strict stand guidelines. For learning abacus. Here’s a list of must-have abacus teacher requirements. An individual Must be 18+ years old, Anyone who is a graduate. An additional degree in Mathematics is a plus. Someone passionate about teaching maths can join this course.

Benefits of Abacus Online Teacher Training_ AbacusTrainer

Learn from Expert teacher

Having additional knowledge leads to a better teaching experience. Our experts have 35+ years of experience in teaching Abacus.

Earn from Home

Once you complete your Abacus teacher training courses online. You can Earn from home. AbacusTrainer provides a complete ecosystem, Where teachers can start earning as they get 2-3 leads per month and more depending upon the package they choose.

Gain From Home

AbacusTrainer is keen to provide the comfort of learning in the comfort of home. You can access hassle-free online interactive classes.

Online practise sessions

We equip you with the best teaching methods and skills. Our 50000+ Abacus Learning materials, guides and practise sheet will help you stand out.

All India Recognised Certificate

Once you complete the course. You will gain the certificate.

Opportunity to Earn

Once you complete your course. You can earn money using our platform. You can join be part of the AbacusTrainer teaching faculty.

Hassle-free learning

AbacusTrainer conducts all classes online. All the classes can be learned from anywhere. Using any device. Live classes enhance your learning experience.

Top Reason, why you must learn ABACUS

Teach your child

Once you learn an abacus. You can easily teach your children how to boost mental maths calculations. You can solve doubts much better. Making them perform swift abacus calculations.

Gain income

You can start your home tuitions or work in institutions to teach abacus. This will help you gain additional income. You can work full time as an abacus trainer.

Work on the Abacus portal

You can work online without investing much. Getting certified Gives you an opportunity to gain credibility and work on any online abacus portal.

Be the boss

Work from home, or open your Institution. You got the freedom to be your boss and head your career in the direction that you feel is right for you.

What Makes AbacusTrainer the right platform for you

  • Economical Abacus teacher training fees
  • A structured live one-on-one online training program
  • 60000+ Assessment sheets
  • Mock Tests
  • 100% support till the end of the course
  • Student analysis panel
  • Work as a teacher on the AbacusTrainer platform
  • Personal mentorship

Abacus Trainer course Framework

Once you purchase the course,

Interactive live classes:

All the Topics are learned through live one-on-one classes. After every live class, you will be given a topic assignment sheet. You have to complete it before the next class.


Course completion Flexibility at your own pace. You are given 6 hours of live classes every week.

Course content:

To make your teaching skills stand out. You get access to a broad range of content that you can use to practise.


Doubt solving session after any topic is completed.

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