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AbacusTrainer is an interactive one-on-one Vedic Maths and Abacus Online Classes for Kids in India. Our programs are well structured, Bespoke for young toddlers. Our top-notch expert teaching faculty. Day on changing curriculum, abreast modern teaching methods to help us be India's number.1 abacus learning platform.

At abacustrainer, Abacus and Vedic Maths courses are designed by subject experts. They have teaching experience of more than 35+ years. We have helped more than 4000+ Build their confidence doing mental Arithmetic calculations. Besides, helping kids improve their logical skills, visualising, improve motor skills.

Our franchises are located in Hyderabad. Abreast we are working to extend our franchise all around India. We partner with teachers and serve them with_ quality material, guides, skills and tools. We help teachers build the business, expand the business.

Our Vision
  • A good learning environment can put you ahead of others, But a growth eco-system shapes you to move and grow together. AbacusTrainer is developed for everyone to level up together.
  • To create an engaging, interactive Abacus learning platform.
  • Help teachers build their franchises.
  • Hassle-free learning.

Future Goals
  • AbacusTrainer wants to assist teachers to improve their knowledge gaps.
  • To assist teachers_ building their online teaching businesses. Or help them expand their current one. AbacusTrainer is an eco-system where students and teachers learn, share, connect, build.
  • Develop and improve our teaching methods and keep reaching more kids.
  • We are working to be the leading pioneer in abacus training.
AbacusTrainer is the right platform for you if you are looking to
  • Get access to 24*7 customer-centric support.
  • Study, Earn, Build, Teachers can conduct their courses.
  • Get access to the 5000+ resourcea_ Blogs, Mocks, Assignment-sheets, guides and study materials, video content.
  • Live record lectures uploaded in your dashboard.
  • Flexible study hours_ study at your convenience.
  • Comprehensively divided level.
  • Learn from experts.
  • Study without hustling.
  • Reasonable training commission.
  • We give you gain an edge for your career as a teacher.
  • Expert assistance_ through every milestone you reach.

What they say


It has been reaching almost one year that I have been a part of your skills team.And my journey with the team was satisfying and encouraging.The co-operation from Mrs.ESWARI mam was so nice.I am Grateful for that.wishing to continue the journey for more n more years.

P Ramesh

Initially, got trained in ACMAS Abacus to train my children. Seeing the development that happened in my children, thought that every child should get benefited from this wonderful skill development program.

Mrs. Karuna

The content is absolutely good and really helpful for children both in their academic and competitive streams.Its helping children to come out of their Maths phobia and develop their interest in the subject.Three cheers for the Abacus Trainer and my best wishes in the coming years to provide fruitful education to many more children.

Ananda Purnima


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