Are your Abacus Online Classes for Kids as impactful as offline classes?

At Abacustrainer, We make sure to move abreast with the latest training tools, software, techniques. We make sure to revamp our guides, materials. Besides, live one-on-one classes help us to weed out any hindrances, doubts clearing sessions that help us create an interactive learning ecosystem.

Can My child move at their phase?

AbacusTrainer provides courses ranging from 1-10 levels for 3 months duration. You can complete your course at your own pace. Once a live class is conducted your dashboard gets uploaded with respective content within 12 hours. You can access recorded video lectures at any of your convenient times. But, you have to make sure that you complete your lectures within 3 months.

What kind of content will I get access to?

Once you log in, you get access to diverse digital content like Blog’s that are specially curated by Abacus and Vedic math experts, Guides and abacus materials. Practise sheets, Mock tests and your own dashboard to keep track of your daily progress chat box support.

Can I take a re-test?

Yes! If one fails to achieve the max marks. You can reappear for the test. You can complete the test Right after 24 hours.

Will I get an abacus rod?

No! abacus trainer does not provide such services.

Why should my kid be learning abacus?

In a growing year, your toddler needs something that does not just stimulate. But, also push them to learn. Abacus is one of the tools that help your toddler build good cognitive function, better reasoning skills and better motor functions.

Do you provide an Abacus teacher training program?

Yes! Our platform facilitates a well-structured abacus teacher trainer program. Besides, Abacustrainer is a perfect platform for teachers, fresh graduates. Seeking_to leverage their career as an abacus trainer. Our platform allows you to pursue full time or part-time trainer.

Do you provide a Vedic math training program?

Yes! Our platform facilitates a well structured Vedic math teacher trainer program. Abacustrainer is a perfect platform for teachers, fresh graduates. Anyone who's looking forward to pulling off as a Vedic math teacher. Full time or as a part-time teacher.

Will learning Vedic math and abacus help my kids get a better grade at math?

Yes! Building a solid understanding of Vedic math and abacus help in accumulating higher maths_ algebra, geometry, modern math, Trigonometry and advanced Arithmetic math like mixtures and alligations, time and work, time speed distance, percentages much faster. Apart from what solid arithmetic helps your child cut down any unnecessary calculations in the entrance exam.

What is the duration of completing the course?

Abacustrainer has developed a comprehensive 10 level course of 3 months duration each. One can complete the course at his own phase, But have to make sure that they complete the course within 3 months of duration.

What kind of content will I get access to?

Abacustrainer has curated very diverse digital content for trainers and students. Blogs, guides, materials, online mock tests, Flashcards, E-books, Teacher training programs.

How will I know if my kid has level-up in math?

Improvement in math in intangible assets, You cannot see it. But you can test it Once your child has covered the beginner's course. He/she will be able to do basic calculations. However, not swiftly, you will be able to see how quickly your kids can recall numbers, do basic arithmetic operations.

What will be the syllabus for the abacus?

Our course consists of basic math calculations using abacus rods _ Addition, multiplication, subtraction, division. Besides, As you move to an advanced level, your kid will get to learn decimal, fraction addition, subtraction, multiplication.

What does my learning schedule look like?

You can learn at your own pace, every week 2 hours of classes are conducted. You can choose your own time to get access to those classes.



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