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Vedic Maths Teacher Training

Vedic Maths Teacher Training Online Course Overview

  • AbacusTrainer, Vedic Maths covers the basic to advance Vedic maths concepts. Based on Tirthaji.
  • 60+ Topics covered covering all the 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutra. That will improve your solving basic to advance level problems in Arithmetic, Algebra problems.
  • Learn from any country, state.
  • 60000 practise material and mock tests.

AbacusTrainer provides a comprehensive, bespoke Vedic maths teacher training course in India. A platform that makes Online learning hassle-free. With a one-on-one interactive live feature, Where you can interact with the lecturer during sessions and gain a class kind of experience.

At AbacusTrainer, you get access to a sustainable ecosystem to build your skills and career. With access to collaborative solutions, We uptick your productivity and maximise efforts.

Vedic Maths teacher training fee 1500/- per level
Course duration Study at your pace
Total Number of levels 4
Lecture hours 6 hours
Teaching method One-on-one live classes
Practise Material 60000+
AbacusTrainer 24hr Team support Mobile Numbers : +91 7842 885 885, +91 9985 777 494
Email Id :
Certification Once after you complete the course
Analysis Every test Performance analysis
Exam Online mode

Additional services

  • Student Leads
  • Student Monitoring option
  • Conducting Mock tests option
  • 60000+ Online material
  • Promote yourself
  • Student management option in dashboard

Benefits of Vedic maths teacher training online_ AbacusTrainer

Vedic Maths is a highly used swift calculating technique that is widely used by many young students and college grads to enhance their calculating techniques.

Guaranteed High-quality Education

We ensure that you learn from the best. Our faculty has 35 years of rich experience in teaching abacus. Aside from that AbacusTrainer itself makes sure that we deliver what we promise. We bring you high-quality learning resources and trainers.

Flexibility to earn from anywhere

Once you complete the Vedic maths teacher training course. You can earn from anywhere. You can work as a full time or part-time Vedic maths teacher.

Saves you time

AbacusTrainer saves you 1 hour of travelling time and money. Our platform is easy to access from anywhere. You can learn from any device, access all the Material, guides and mock tests.

Practise Sessions

AbacusTrainer provides 60000 daily practice materials, sheets and more. You can enhance your skills with more practise.

One-On-One Live classes

AbacusTrainer provides interactive live classes. All your doubts get solved on spot. We will make sure you get the best during these 6 hours of live sessions.

The top reasons why you must become a Vedic Maths Teacher

Ambitious Maths career

Ambitious about a growing career in maths. Then learning Vedic maths will levitate you to a better career opportunity in the maths field by expanding your knowledge.

Wants to start Venture

You might just want to start your venture. You can start your own online or offline Vedic maths business.

Teach your child

You might want to teach your kids Vedic maths. You can learn and mentor your kid. Learning Vedic math by giving them more personalised mentorship.

Gain income

You can gain additional income by working part-time or full time as a Vedic maths teacher.

Work on the Vedic maths portal

You can work as a Vedic maths teacher on the AbacusTrainer platform.

What Makes AbacusTrainer the right platform for you

  • Affordable Vedic Maths teacher training fees
  • A comprehensive Online live class program
  • 60000+ Assessment sheets
  • Mock Tests
  • 100% support till the end of the course
  • Easy to access, organised dashboard
  • Work as a Vedic maths teacher on the AbacusTrainer platform
  • Personal mentorship

AbacusTrainer Vedic maths course Framework

Once you purchase the Vedic maths course,

Interactive live classes:

A comprehensive online live class is structured for you for every level. At each level, you will get to learn something different.


You will gain access to 6 hours of online live classes. Distributed across the week. You can schedule the class in your comfort.

Course content:

You can access high-quality Vedic maths learning materials. To give you endless push that you need to horn our teaching skills.


Personal Doubt solving session after any topic is completed. You can reach the lecturer with the tiniest doubt and we would solve it.

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