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Be more than just the Best at maths; achieve the Bestest!

Abacus Trainer facilitates top-notch online abacus classes for kids. A comprehensive course that will help young minds explore numbers and develop mathematical reasoning, Develop better visualisation, critical thinking, better brain development, kids are more confident doing advanced maths, to participate in maths competition, You can observe enhanced creativity. Apart from that kids, can recall better.

Our program will help your kids to understand_ All the basics and advanced level concepts of the Abacus more briefly. And help your child develop maximum brain growth.

Abacus Trainer gives you the option to learn from anywhere. You can get personal mentorship and unlimited practice session. We got experts who have 35+ years of experience in teaching experience.

Maybe or May not. With us, you can gain the confidence to do these calculations in less than 60 seconds or Maybe much faster than you usually do.


How AbacusTrainer helps Students

Abacus online classes for kids are built into Ten comprehensive levels, And each level is for three months duration. After every level, you will gain a letter of completion. One of the best highlights of our course is that you can start learning from any level. That can rudiment the redundant factor.

Along with that, you can gain access to personalised mentorship. One-on-one classes make abacus classes more engaging and fun. We assure is that after every level your child is learning something unique and stretching their mathematical reasoning.

Besides that, They are so many other benefits of learning Abacus. Some of the examples_ making toddlers familiar with numbers and their operations. You will observe acceleration in your kid's mental maths calculation. Better visualisation and motor skills. Learning abacus will make you confident doing advanced maths.

Economical cost

AbacusTrainer facilitates abacus courses at a very economical cost. Starting at Rs 4999/- per level.

24/7 helpline

In this entire journey, We promise you will never feel alone. Once you join the online or offline classes, our team has a dedicated team to help you around o clock.

3 MONTHS Duration per Level

Our classes are divided into ten levels. Each level can be learned at its own pace. The course covers all the topics from basics, Including Introducing numbers, operations, Tricks to find squares and cubes, and Finding L.C.M in just a few steps. A brief introduction about abacus rods and a brief history and more.

Unlimited practice material

Get access to unlimited practises materials, mock tests, and guides. So that you don't waste your time searching for different materials, NO-limit to learning.

Learn from anywhere

You can learn anywhere at your pace, as Abacus online classes are online for kids. You can learn Abacus offline to. You can call our executives to know more about the course.

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