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Abacus Summer Special Training Program for Kids

Does your child take more time performing maths calculations? Then it's high time you give your child an AbacusTrainer course and Make your child feel confident doing math these summers!!!

Do you know?

 That AbacusTrainer provides

  • Interactive one-on-one live classes

  • Group classes

  • Group activities and solo Abacus/ Vedic math learning activities

  • Printable learning resources

  • All the live class videos are easily assessable

  • Every live class video are recorded and updated in the dashboard

  • Easy to access resources 

  • Topic test and level test

  • Two-hour classes divided across seven days a week

  • Flexible class hours

About AbacusTrainer:

Abacus Trainer is an Abacus and Vedic math earning platform. Here, we integrate a world-class learning experience with technology.

Our programs are well structured. 

We specialize in providing Abacus and Vedic maths_ online classes. We keep revamping our curriculum from time to time. Our Abacus Course is fragmented into ten levels. Students need to complete each level to move into next. 

Why summers are perfect to learn anything new:

During the Summers, kids have little time more than usual_ as they are academic is halted during summers. It is the perfect time to introduce something new to their daily summer routine. Although they are many summer activities_ Abacus Training is Especifically imperative_ if you want to help your child boost confidence to do math. 

You can ensemble other summer learning activities with the Abacus Training program. As AbacusTrainer provide a flexible learning program that consists of two hours a week. 

Why learn Abacus and Vedic math:

Abacus is a very imperative course in the growing year as_ children are building concepts to do math in their schools. kids can learn abacus along with academics as both with help your child build better math basics.

The abacus is a widely used calculating tool, although once your child starts performing quick calculations they might not need these abacus tools.

Abacus has very narrow use, as their implementation is very limited, mostly to eight class math. Eight class math have advanced Arithmetic calculations that are not limited to_ addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, LCM, HCF, square and cube. To learn abacus, one needs techniques. One must learn the basic structure of the abacus and should know how to jerk and use the abacus.

Learning abacus has many benefits like

  • Your child can improve concentration and engagement

  • Improved motor skills

  • Better comprehension and reasoning

  •  Strong start to learn Arithmetic math

  • Abacus is a better math learning tool for disabled kids_ blind, Drexciya

  • Your child can build confidence to participate in national and international reach

  • Score better and builds confidence to do math

Abacus tool kit:

Your child needs just one additional instrument to learn math which is_ an abacus tool kit. Once your kid builds a sound understanding of_ how to make swift calculations, they can halt using the abacus tool.

Perform Advance Arithmetic calculations:

Advance Arithmetic like_ Profit and loss, simple interest, compound interest, integers, time speed distance, time and work all these topics need swift calculation techniques like Vedic math.

Vedic math have very explicit use in arithmetic and broader implementation in general math. Its implementation is not just limited to the tenth or twelfth class. One can use these techniques to_ entrance exams, office interviews and many more.

Once your child learns Abacus and Vedic Math, he can develop his approach to doing math and adopt a playful approach to doing math problems.

Vedic maths help cut down the long route that occurs to do basic calculations like_ multiplications, subtraction, addition, division. 

To learn swift calculations you need to learn 16 sutras and 13 sub-sutras. As these are very imperative formulas to perform calculations.

Vedic math takes about 9 months to learn.

Benefits of learning Vedic math:

  • Helps in improving Focus and Memory.

  • Improves Speed & Accuracy for doing math

  • Better math foundation for_ Competitive Exams and job interviews.

  • Helps you child improve logical and reasoning skills

  • Helps them save time during exams as the long methods to do calculations are broken down

  • Improved calculating speed while doing mental math

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AbacusTrainer Summer Camp for kids

  • 6 weeks fast phase extensive course

  • Every week test and analysis

  • Free unlimited learning resources

  • Covers all the abacus major techniques

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