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How to Become an Abacus Teacher?

Building a career takes a lot of effort, and it's not an easy route. Today, I shall talk to you about How to become an abacus teacher. What are the benefits of pursuing a career as an Abacus Trainer? How can you start earning?

Many parents make efforts to teach their kids Abacus at a very young age, 5+ years.

Abacus is an Interesting subject_ A tool used to learn and perform fast calculations. 

Abacus is an ancient tool_ used for calculation Especially, arithmetic math. Most of the basic arithmetic calculations_ Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, L.C.M., H.C.F., decimal addition, decimal subtraction, and decimal multiplication.

All these Basic arithmetic concepts are very prominent while learning Advanced math. These are building blocks, useful for learning_ percentages, ratios and proportions, profit and loss, Time Speed Distance, Time Work, and Vedic math. 

Although, Abacus use is less applied to advanced math and modern math. However, you can learn Vedic maths_ it is a century back old calculating technique used today to do calculations in advanced math like algebra and calculus.

If you are interested in a career as an Abacus Teacher, then_ majors in math will be helpful. Having an additional certification in Abacus will give you a little more edge if you want to teach Abacus as a subject in schools or work on an online portal like Abacus Trainer.

Benefits of working as an Abacus Teacher:

Flexibility to Work: 

When you are working as an abacus teacher_ you have the flexibility to work as an online and offline abacus teacher. And in case you decide to work as an online abacus teacher, then you have the mobility to work at any hours at any place.

Study Further: 

Anyone can teach Abacus. And anyone at any age can learn it. Abacus is a very flexible course, and you can learn it in your comfort. If you want to gain more experience in the maths teacher field, you can study further.  

High Returns: 

The Abacus course doesn't require high educational qualifications as it has basic math. If you are someone who understands math, then you can start teaching maths_ on online platforms and conduct personal home tuitions. The Abacus Course is very economical. And once you start earning, you will gain high R.O.I. 

How to Start Earning:

Work in an Institution, Schools, Colleges: 

If you want to work as an Abacus teacher in an institution, school, or college, you need to complete B. Ed. You can also take an abacus teacher training program, which is next susceeded_ by a six-month-long internship. If you full fill these Qualifications, you can work in different institutions, schools, and colleges.

Build your Institution: 

Build abacus learning centers. You do not need any additional qualifications to start your venture. All you need is good management skills, people skills, and initial capital to function in an institution. If you are capable and confident, then you can build your institution.

You don't need to build a physical institution location, and sometimes you can create a virtual portfolio and conduct online abacus classes. As you start growing as an institution, you can take the help of a franchise to help you expand your business. 

Being a partner with a franchise has some advantages like_ Employee training, expert guidance, maximum returns, and exposure to the border audience.

However, they are a few disadvantages like_ Excess royalty fees, zero financial privacy, less control over major business operations like_ Marketing, offer and discount, and managing material distribution channel.

Abacus related Youtube Channel: 

Getting started with a youtube channel is very easy. Especially, If you are conducting online abacus classes. You can publish how to do topics_ and videos that are very popular on youtube and, make sure to_ record seminars and webinars, Publish_ student reviews.

Adjoin, you can record your online classes and publish them online_ to save time, try to preplan videos and post them.

Building social media platforms: as they have a few advantages_ shows your expertise to gain credibility, you can create your Community audience, and promote your business. 

Youtube gives the option to monetize all the videos, create passive income sources, and Generate leads for your course.

Remember_ People are more likely to buy from people they see often. Be seen.

Write Blogs about the Abacus: 

Writing is one of the easiest ways to share your knowledge. You can create blogs, publish articles, be a guest blogger, or ghostwriter, write for different magazines, gain an audience you can optimize your content, and write on different Quora and Reddit forums. Create brief detailed content to make sure that your content is helping people instead of sugar coating the cherry-picked topics. Doing this will help you establish yourself as an expert, and parents will think you are more credible, and you will be able to build a healthy image in the market.

Work with a Publishing house and publish your books:

Your qualifications and additional certificates will help you stand out as an expert. You can work with different publishing houses, especially The publishing houses that specialize in children's books. You can publish your books or help the publishing house review other authors' books.

Conduct and plan Seminars and webinars: 

Grow and promote abacus classes through seminars and webinars. They are two ways you commerce these seminars one by conducting_ fee seminars, another is paid one. They are many advantages of conducting seminars_ you can show your expertise and build Community.

Become an Abacus teacher trainer and Abacus teacher for kids:

You can teach novice teachers and enlighten them with your knowledge. Help novice teachers gain_ Credits and Certifications.

Create a Short term, Long team program. Join AbacusTrainer and Create an Abacus teacher trainer program. You can work in the Institution or coaching centers to teach Abacus. Besides, Increase your social media presence with Guides, materials, and how to do.

Working with the franchise, starting your own business or online platform partnership Which one is better:

Building a career is a rocky journey. Likewise, building a career as an abacus teacher isn't easy. If you have grain extra credits, certification, and experience_ it is time to level up and leverage your earning potential.

Here few options you must analyse before you move ahead:

Joining a franchise:

One of the alternatives to teaching as an abacus teacher is partnering with Franchisee. They are many_ advantages and disadvantages of joining a franchise you must be aware of before joining one.

Join a platform:

One of the easiest answers to How to become an abacus teacher from my side is to 

Join an online platform as an abacus teacher. Aggregator platforms like Abacus Trainer can kick-start your earning potential. You don't need to invest heavily, and all you need to do is join an abacus platform like_ AbacusTrainer. Who can help you get monthly leads, arrange material and make earning easy?

How to achieve:

As you see, there are many ways you can start earning by teaching Abacus. But, How to become an abacus teacher? 

One of the easiest ways is that you can do an online or offline abacus course and gain certification. Become a recognized abacus trainer. Additional certification will give you more confidence and sound more credible.

You can learn about Abacus and gain a certificate through many online free courses and youtube channels. You can learn from anywhere. However, there are a few drawbacks. Lack of structure and planning, no tracking, and more time invested than required.

One among many abacus learning platforms is Abacus Trainer. Abacus Trainer provides interactive abacus learning. The course is well structured and designed by experts with 35 years of rich industry experience. There is a flexible option to take online or online classes. The course is very economical and can be completed very soon. Once you complete the course, you can work as a trainer on the Abacus Trainer platform.

How much can you earn:

The basic salary of an abacus teacher is somewhere 10000/- to 15000 per month. However, on many online platforms like AbacusTrainer, you can work as a part-time abacus trainer and earn extra money (10000+) per month.

Hope this blog helped your queries related to How to become an abacus teacher.



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