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How Abacus is useful for kids?

Here, I will discuss in brief_ abacus. But before driving deep about How it is useful for kids. Let us get to the roots of the Abacus origin. Abacus is a tool used all around the world. It is specially used among_ trader's, merchants years ago. Now it is specially used by teachers, students.

History of Abacus:

Abacus is an ancient calculating tool. It has been in use for centuries. 

The early traces of it we see is seeded in Babylonians 300 Before Christ. Although, the one we use in the present times is known as suan-pan or Chinese Abacus.

It is still in use by many merchants, elementary schools and clerks in some parts across the world in countries_ China, Russia, Europe, Japan. Besides, it is also used in India specifically for elementary and primary education. In ancient times, there was no specific standard guideline for designing it. So, the different regions in the world had their calculation tools. But, here we are going to discuss different types of abacus tools widely used across the world.

Different kinds of Abacus tool and their Fun Fact

Calculating large numbers was cumbersome Centuries ago. Abacus was a handy tool widely used specifically among all businessmen and traders. Lately, It has become an imperative calculating tool all around the world. Although, an abacus has very different purposes. Every country has designed an abacus according to its convenience. 

Fun fact time

The Chinese Abacus or Suanpan: The worldwide calculating tool abacus was first invented_ in China. Somewhere around the second century B.C

Fun fact time

Soroban or Japanese Abacus: It was first imported into japan somewhere in the 14th century. But, It was not yet used widely among people till the 17 century.

Fun fact time

Roman Abacus: Romans used pebbles(Calculi) to do calculations before they designed the Roman Abacus.

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Binary Abacus: We can use only 0 or 1 as it follows the Binary number system for calculating.

Fun fact time

Cranmer abacus: The Cranmer abacus is specially designed for disabled people.

The Abacus we use today:

The Abacus we use today is very close to the one used in China and Japan. It is rectangular in structure, divided by rod (bar). Its region is fragment into two segments_ Upper and lower. Depending on the level the beads in the abacus tool can be dissimilar like a beginner can use 16-17 rod sorban, whereas an advanced level student can use 32-33 row sorban.

What is the purpose of using an abacus? And How Abacus is useful for kids?

Whether they are toddlers or any adult_ Both segments of people invest to gain better reimbursement. Using Abacus helps disabled people understand and perform math calculations a little easier. One might Learn about Abacus for many reasons. Depending on where they want to apply their learning. But, before getting into the details let's first understand what abacus actually means.

What is the meaning of the Abacus?

Abacus is an arithmetic calculating tool widely used to do basic and advanced arithmetic calculations. Abacus is one of the easiest ways to approach learning basic maths calculations Making children aware of basic maths operations. It is one of the ancient tools that are still used in the modern days by many elementary and primary schools for teaching basic arithmetic calculations for age groups 4-14. Besides, Learning such calculations tricks help kids level up to higher class advance maths more swiftly. 

Wondering!!! How Abacus is useful for kids?

 As toddlers, They are always learning. What if we say you can help your kids learn more? Abacus is a mathematical tool. But it helps not just for calculating numbers but helps your kid elicit brain right hemispheres cells which means your kid is actively engaging in such activity will help your kid overall development.

It is a good idea to use different abacus tools as your kids' progress to learn, Abacus helps your kid enhance learning more about colours, shapes and basic maths operations. Besides, just building skills. Here are some other Advantages of teaching_ Abacus for kids.

As your kid is still in growing years, the Abacus helps your child build better memory retention power.

Calculation confident: One thing that helps your child build self-esteem and self-confidence is trusting himself and his knowledge. Learning abacus helps your kid build confidence in doing hard calculations they might be wrong yet, confident.

Ability to do calculations better: Learning to calculate using an abacus leads to swift basic math calculations_ Addition, multiplication, division, subtraction. Your child will gain the acumen ability to do any mental calculations_ 865*130 hassle-free. Besides, as he/she advances his level they can easily do advanced calculations_ Adding decimals, finding square roots, L.C.M, H.C.F.

Advance Arithmetic maths calculations: Learning math is just like peeling an onion. Once you master a concept another one is ready to test your abilities. But once you have built a solid arithmetic foundation, You see how easy it is to learn advanced mathematical concepts. 

Better fathom: At a young age_ your child actively invests an enormous time in learning different things. Abacus help your child build better comprehension skill. By challenging their mind, children get the opportunity to craft themselves better. 

Develop agile motor skills: Calculating using an abacus helps toddlers build better motor skills, stimulate brain growth.

Better concentration and engagement: Young toddlers swiftly jump from one thing to another. It is a little hard to keep up with them. To make them focus. An interesting Abacus tool can help your kids sit glued and engage themselves to learn abacus calculations and tricks.

Build maths foundation: Learning abacus helps kids build a basic understanding of mathematical operations such as +,-,*,รท. Your child may not be going to school, yet they might be familiar with many basic maths calculation techniques.

Abacus is a better learning tool for disabled kids: Learning maths for disabled children is not easy, But an abacus is a handy tool to teach maths to blind kids.

Advantages of learning Abacus as a teacher

Build or expand their teaching career: Building a career as an abacus trainer and gradually growing as a maths trainer can help you level up your teaching skills. You can grow a student network.

Write and publish books: You can share your experience and expertise by writing_ books, guides and blogs. Yours publish books will help you gain more credits. Besides, you can also help kids to learn for free.

Seminars and webinars: Learning and teaching Abacus helps build a deep understanding of the subject, Once you have worked on skills. You can reach more students by Conducting seminars, webinars with confidence. 

Become an Abacus teacher trainer: You can be a master trainer. You can expand your practice of teaching and learning by teaching novice teachers, parents. As an expert, you can guide them to grow as a trainer. Besides, doing so will help you diverse your teaching portfolios.

Advantages of learning Abacus as a student

Gain edge: Learning Abacus helps students build agility to do arithmetic maths calculations swiftly.

Score better: Learning to calculate swiftly helps you score better in exams among peers.

National and international reach: Kids who have acquired enough knowledge can later take part in different kinds of national and international level abacus competitions.

Limitations of learning Abacus:

No matter how Abacus is useful for kids, It has some limitations. Confused right!!! We will discuss this in brief.

Hard calculations: One of the major issues face while learning Abacus calculation is that_ as you start levelling up to higher class advanced maths. It's not easy to apply basic abacus maths_ to solve such complex problems. 

Abacus tool kit:To learn to do abacus calculations it is mandatory to use an abacus tool.

Can cause hindrance: Time management is a topic of concern. You need to make sure your kid isn't bogging between abacus classes and school. But, if you can help your kid manage online abacus classes and school hours, then it is not a subject of concern.

It applies only to primary education: People are widely using abacus across the world for teaching beginners maths calculations. Although, you can learn advanced abacus calculations techniques. But, as higher maths calculations are very intense Abacus calculations applications is little to primary education.

How much duration does it take to learn Abacus?

Learning maths is not an easy piece of cake to grab. Day-to-day consistent practice, dedication, revision is part of the abacus learning process. Especially if you want your kid to develop better mental mathematical skills, It takes about six months to learn the Abacus. But, the learning duration is not rudimentary to any specific time. It might take more or fewer days.

How to begin learning Abacus calculating techniques?

There are many ways you can choose to learn abacus_ using different sources_ Guides, blogs, apply for free courses, YouTube...

or you can check out AbacusTrainer. It is India's best abacus learning platform. Here you can get access.

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