Abacus Training In Hyderabad

Abacus Training In Hyderabad


ABACUS Training for Kids

Online Training | Classroom | Virtual Classes

  • High in Demand of Learning Abacus in the Future.
  • One-to-One Abacus Learning
  • Limited Batches for Abacus Training
  • Online Assignments and Mock tests for Students
  • Trainers guide students based on test performance
  • Ease Access Software to Practise Abacus Levels
  • Abacus Trainer provides Training for 10 levels
  • Abacus Materials will be provided
  • Certification will be provided for Each level

About Abacus Training in Hyderabad

Abacus Trainer provides Abacus Training in Hyderabad for kids to make easy learning Maths to calculate in a simplified manner. Here in Abacus, we have 10 levels and students need to undergo training for each level. Initially, Trainers use an abacus tool to explain to students how it is used for calculations, after that they will make a habit of using their fingers for counting in easy ways with quick results.

Abacus Trainer has the flexibility of Online and classroom Training for students for Abacus Training. Abacus Training is provided in One-to-one or limited batches based on students' preferences.

Abacus Trainer Student Dashboard will be provided for students to practise Assignments & topics for each level under instructor guidance. Instructors or Trainers have the flexibility to assign topics and assignments to students and track results, which helps in proper guidance.

Abacus Trainer shares Abacus related materials for students to learn and explore Abacus tool related info and guides students during classes.

Abacus Trainer also conducts mock tests for students, to check their reliability and ease of understanding of maths.

Abacus Trainer provides certification for students for each level after completion of a level.

Abacus Training in Hyderabad Highlights

  • Ease Learning of Abacus.
  • Trainer Guidance during the course.
  • 28 hours of classes for each level.
  • Simplified methods to quick understanding.
  • Ease & Quick fingertip Calculations.
  • Materials will be provided for students.
  • Assignments and topics for practice were assigned by the Instructor.
  • Instant results will be generated for tests.
  • Results are accessible by Students and Trainers.
  • Certification will be provided for each level.

Who should Take Abacus Training?

Abacus Learning is very helpful for students age group - 4 to 14 years to enhance their academic scores and build confidence. This Abacus Training improves Kid's memory, Concentration, Observation, Imagination, Judgement, Creativity, Logical and analytical ability to mental maths.

Abacus Training in Hyderabad Course Features

Instructor-Led Training Sessions - During Online Classes Instructors will be available to clear queries.

Certified Trainers - We look into providing the best-certified trainer for students.

Flexible Batch Schedules - We Schedule batches based on Student's preferences and provide a demo session

Mock Test and Assignments - A student dashboard will be provided for students to practice each level and check their performance.


What they say

Mallela Srikanth

Abacus Trainer provides the most reliable services for Abacus Learning. My son (Abhi) who is 5 years old joined the Abacus Trainer in junior levels. We see a growth in Learning of Maths.

Mallela Srikanth

My Daughter Avani - joined an offline Abacus Course, Instructor guide with the abacus tool very well and conducts tests regularly to check performance.

Mallela Srikanth

We can see improvements in our child in Complex Maths Calculations. For Kids Abacus Training helps a lot to solve complex problems.

Mallela Srikanth

Abacus Training Improves Kids' Concentration and Thinking skills. I’m able to observe an increase in my child's thinking skills and concentration with simplified problem-solving.



Is the Abacus Instructor available for online or offline classes?

Abacus Trainer provides qualified instructors for both online and offline classes.

Abacus Trainer Batches are limited?

Abacus trainer provides limited batches if needed and will also provide one-to-one training for students.

Will you Provide Study Materials for Students?

Yes, Abacus Trainer Provides study materials for students during Abacus Training.

Will you provide an Online platform for students to practice?

Yes, Abacus Trainer Student Dashboard will be provided for students to conduct Assignments and topic tests to check performance.

Will the Instructor guide students after each test practice?

Yes, the Test results will be generated on both teachers and student dashboards.

Explain About Abacus Training in Hyderabad Fee structure?

Abacus Trainer provides Abacus Classes for Kids at an Economic price of Rs 5000 per Level.



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