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Vedic Maths

Vedic Maths Training In Hyderabad

When you want to experience an authentic learning experience, then there is nothing as good as offline learning classes. Abacus Trainer provides the best Vedic maths classes in Hyderabad. We are the best Vedic maths institute in India.

Your Reason to learn Vedic maths can be anything? Helping your kid learn better or make a career as a Vedic maths teacher. When you join us in our offline Vedic class. You can experience a sense of value offered for the investment you make. Interactive, engaging classes. Your doubts are reverted during the same monument. Impacting you develop other skills.

Quick ArithmetIc, Algebraic calculation

I bet you cannot calculate any faster than 60 seconds. However, what if I say that you can improve your calculation speed and gain momentum to do swift calculations by learning Vedic maths.

Some perks you get exclusively at Abacus Trainer

One of the best advantages our every customer experience is the dashboard advantage. Teachers can create batches, and customise batches. The chat option gives a seamless communication experience.

Other the benefits of the Abacus Trainer platform include 60000+ Vedic maths and abacus materials. These materials can be used by teachers and students. Daily and monthly assignments. Teachers can assign tests on daily or monthly basics. While students can get access to previous, present and next day topic assignment tests.


Vedic Maths for Teachers

A comprehensive Vedic maths teacher training course is designed to help teachers meet High standard teaching demands. This program is broken down into 4 compiling levels. Our platform gives the flexibility to learn Vedic maths at their own pace. The course duration is one month. The price of the course is very economical. That is around 1500/- rs per level. Aside from that, our platform also provides the flexibility to earn once you complete the Vedic maths teacher training program.

Vedic maths classes for kids

A comprehensive Vedic maths course is designed to help students achieve great calculation speed and accuracy helping them gain confidence doing maths. This program is broken down into 4 compiling levels. Our platform gives the flexibility to learn Vedic maths at their own pace. Maximum 3 months. The Vedic maths course is very economical. Stating up RS 5000/- per level. Students can schedule the classes in their comfort.

If you are looking for Vedic Maths Tuitions in Hyderabad

We provide virtual and offline classes for students. Abacus Trainer has two core courses and one can easily learn them at Abacus and Vedic Maths Training Centres in Hyderabad and all around India. Along with that, Abacus trainer provides the best Vedic maths teacher training in Hyderabad. Our classes aren't just limited to online. Our platform makes sure that no matter where you belong. Our Platform should help you learn and leverage skills hassle-free.

What makes Abacus Trainer, the best place to learn Vedic maths classes in Hyderabad

No Barrier

Abacus Trainer breaks the unseen virtual wall. We make sure that learning is as hassle-free, connecting and interactive as possible


We assure you that when you learn on the Abacus Trainer platform. We provide you gain quality learning, a quantity of practice material and highly skilled teachers.

When and where to look to learn Vedic maths

When you are looking for a genuine, seamless, hassle-free learning experience then Abacus Trainer provides the best AbacusTrainer. Our courses range from basic abacus to Vedic maths. With the gusto to provide a high-quality learning experience. We are here to break the basics and deliver the best of the best. Our course is flexible that can be learned online and offline, at any hour.

Frequently Ask Question

  • Does AbacusTrainer take Vedic maths online classes in Hyderabad?

    Yes, AbacusTrainer provides its services online just like it provides offline services.

  • What are all the courses provided by Abacus Trainer

    Abacus Trainer provides two different courses Vedic maths and Abacus. Both courses are designed by our subject experts. To improve speed, accuracy and better conceptual understanding of maths and gain other benefits. Improve creativity and logical reasoning.

  • edic maths course fees in Hyderabad for students?

    The Vedic maths online classes fees are 5000/- per level. This course can be completed within 3month. Where students can learn at their pace.

  • How many levels are there in Vedic maths?

    There are 4 levels in Vedic maths. Each level can be learned at its own pace. However, the maximum length of each level is three months.

  • How to start Vedic maths classes?

    If you are interested in learning Vedic maths, then you can learn anywhere. However, buying a good course will help you learn better and efficiently.

  • What are the benefits of the Abacus Trainer platform for students?

    Abacus Trainer grants many perks to students like Dashboard access, the option to send enquiries to their mentors, and 60000 digital materials.

  • What are the benefits of the Abacus Trainer platform for teachers?

    Abacustrainer provides options for teachers to earn and learn. They can start using this platform to gain a sustainable income. By providing 3 students per month. Earning 3000 rs per head. Our platform makes teachers more productive.

  • Vedic maths course fees in Hyderabad for Teachers?

    The Vedic maths online classes fees are 1500/- per level. This course must be completed within 1 month. Once teachers complete the course.

  • Will I get access to the demo class?

    Abacus Trainer tries to be the best and deliver the best Vedic maths classes in Hyderabad, Best offline and online maths classes in India. To make sure that you are purchasing only the best, where you get great ROI. We make sure you attend a demo class to get an overview of our teaching methodology and teachers' interaction.

  • How many Vedic maths demo classes will I get access to?

    You will get access to exactly one Vedic maths Demo class.

  • Test
    • I wanted to improve my mathematical calculations speed and gain accuracy. I felt a well-structured course can help improve the calculation. The dedicated practice session and interactive classes helped me learn better and cleared my doubts.
    • The classes are excellent. Teachers have been very motivating to teach Vedic maths. I liked how teachers make constant efforts to make us motivated.
    • Every class is interesting. I don't feel bored at all.
    • The mock test is really interesting. It does help in making changes in our practice sessions.


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